Sunday, February 15, 2009

What Did Kellan Do For Valentine's Day?

He went to the Monarchy Fashion Show in NYC with AnnaLynne McCord.

"Across the way from me sat Christopher Meloni from "Law and Order", Emmy Rossum, "Nip/Tuck's" AnnaLynne McCord and A&F model-turned-actor, Kellan Lutz. The women giggled to each other and took pictures of the passing models from their digital cameras (something I've never seen "celebrities" do before) and the men sat quietly in hats of their own - Meloni in a porkpie and Lutz, a driving cap - wondering to themselves, I'm sure, if they'd ever wear a caramel-colored cowl neck button-up with heathered stone wool tartan trousers."


*The quote is a little confusing because that's Jennifer Love Hewitt next to AnnaLynne & Rex Lee next to Kellan in the picture.

See more pics here & at

*Now that's pretty good going to a fashion show with your gf but hey, Rob isn't the only fashionable fellow in the Cullen bunch.

~Kim C


Alyson said...

Why do we only see Kellan never Rob I NEED SOME ROB!!!!!!!haha ya but we never do see rob, and do you know where you can buy the twilight conversation hearts, and rob has to grow his hair back out right?

Cullen Boys Anonymous said...

The conversation hearts will not be out til March.