Saturday, February 28, 2009

Who is Paul Weitz?

So if the rumor is true, just who is Paul Weitz?

Besides being Chris Weitz's brother, Paul Weitz has been involved with Nick and Norah's Infinite Playlist, The Golden Compass, American Pie2, and Fantasy Island, as a producer. He has also done writing for About a Boy, The Nutty Professor II and Antz. He is listed as a director for American Pie.

See more of his credits here.

What is he like? What will he be like as a director? Well, he was born in NY in1965. Here is a quote atributed to him, maybe that will give us some idea:

"We're an odd culture. I think Americans have a sense of guilt because they understand that they have more of just about everything than anyone else. At the same time we're essentially isolationist; cut off from the rest of the world both physically and in the news we hear. It's an odd juxtaposition of opposites that manifests itself I think in fear and apprehension. It can be something as simple as the shark in Jaws or a much more complex issue like terrorism. I'm just stumbling around trying to give it a little bit of human context."

See more of Paul's bio here.



Anonymous said...

OMG u guys are silly Chirs is Directing its on Stephenie's Website saying Chris Weitz is directing New Moon lol

Cullen Boys Anonymous said...

This is about the story that Paul Weitz is directing ECLIPSE!! Obviously you didn't read our earlier report about that!!! We were telling people a little more about Paul bc it's rumored that he is directing ECLIPSE!