Monday, February 23, 2009

Why Wasn't Kristen Stewart At The Oscars?

Were you wondering why Kristen Stewart wasn't at the Oscars last night? Well according Access Hollywood, Kristen's dad John Stewart, had this to say:

Kristen would present at the Oscars, "When it's a great movie, not just one that makes a lot of money."

Read the full report HERE.

~Kim C


Anonymous said...

The unfortunate reason that Kristin didn't present at the Oscars is 1) because she doesn't speak well in public, and 2) because Rob was the true actor in Twilight. His role as Edward was transforming, far above Kristin's efforts.

kristin and rob 4evr said...

That is so not true.....Kristin did a WONDERFUL job how can you say this? Kristin is my role model DONT DESTROY HER!!!!!!

Ted said...

Check out her dad's comment - like Twilight is trash because it made money. Maybe he thinks that her role in Adventureland is Oscar worthy.
I guess that Kristin can be a role model for any girls that love bed hopping and drugging. She'll be burned out within a few years with the way she's playing skank. Hope the guys weather the storm better.

Cullen Boys Anonymous said...

I appreciate everyone's comments. That's what I love about blogging, it gets people discussing.

I just posted a new story on KStew:

Anonymous said...

I'm guessing that she wasn't asked. As if she is going to turn down an honor like that. I think her father probably made the statement that he did (which was a bit rude) to hide the truth of the matter.

gigi said...

oh please!
that wasn't even
actually said from her,
so all you harshly criticizers
need to get real!
kristen stewart is an amazing
actress period (not just the girl from
twilight) in my opinion, and people
will do anything just to bash a rising
star. i'm sure if any of this was said from
robert (which some of it HAS been said, just hasn't
been made of into such a big deal like this is becoming),
people would just bee "ooh"-ing and "aww"-ing over him.
she was most likely referring to the lame questions being askes,
and i think her frustration has a right to be shown. even in some other interviews with the other twilight members, they all seem a little ticked off at the unnecessary comment and questions. kristen had said that she loves her fans, but because of the mass hysteria, she doesn't get enough time to spend with them.