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Angstgoddess003 "Wide Awake" Interview Part Three

Twilight Fan Fiction Author Bakes up a "Wide Awake" Story
Here is Part 3 of our 3-part interview with angstgoddess003, author of the popular Twilight FanFiction story "Wide Awake".
AG003 talks about future plans and her favorites FFs!

(Parts 1 and 2 can be found
here and the full interview is in our fan fiction forum here.)

PM: Do you know how many more chapters you will be writing? Happy ending or not saying yet?

AG003: I'm really, REALLY trying to keep Wide Awake at a 50 chapter limit. My original outline was slated for 21, but as the story evolved and I grew the confidence to pursue controversial arcs that I’d previously avoided, I allowed it to grow. I'm afraid of drawing it out, and I know my readers would say they don't mind one bit, but I feel as though I personally need the closure of the story so badly that I simply can't do so for that reason. I do promise not to rush the plot, and if chapters 45-50 have to be 100k words each to accomplish it, then so be it. It must seem like the same thing to have long chapters and not split them up, but for me, it's a personal preference to see it end at 50... and… maybe a prologue chapter. I'm more worried about the chapter count than the word count. I'm not sure why. I guess I'm just weird like that.

"Happily Ever After" is such a subjective term. I won't be wrapping it up in a nice little bow, but I will do my best to show resolution for all things. I think, to assume that Edward, Bella, and the characters surrounding them are capable of being suddenly "perfectly happy" is just not realistic, and doing so would really be an insult to the complexity of the theme. However, I will make sure that they are all in the proper position to strive for that perfect happiness.

PM: Where do you think you will go from here? Will you write more stories?

AG003: I do have a non-commital outtake type thing slated for after Wide Awake ends. There will be no discernable plot other than one particular theme that I can't reveal at the moment, but it will show life for Edward and Bella after the story and the issues they must still overcome.

And I already have three new fics started. One of them I've been mentioning often as of late, and plan to begin posting very soon. Another is a New Moon AU short, and the last is an angst/humor fic that I've only written the prologue for. I have more ideas and concepts than time to write them. After Wide Awake is completed, I will be able to throw myself into my newest mentioned fic, and… possibly even do a Wide Awake re-edit to fix all my awful grammatical mistakes.

PM: Will you try to publish a book?

AG003: I plan to edit Wide Awake for publishing opportunities and am open to pretty much anything. I have no immediate plans to begin any stories outside of the FF realm. I feel too amateur to consider any such thing.

PM: How has all of this changed you or affected you? Oh, and I was asked to ask you, how many hours of writing you have put into this story?

AG003: I'm not sure if it's really changed me too much. It's changed how I view fics and authors and criticism and fandom, and it's changed my goals drastically. How many hours? I don't even know to be honest. When I did the daily updates, I must have spent something like six hours a day writing. Now, the chapters have grown in length (from 4k words to 12k) and it takes a great deal longer to write it. I always write at least three hours per day, though usually more. And keeping up with the fandom in general and my reviewers takes almost as much time as writing the story itself. I love it all though.

I couldn't put a price on the fiction though, and I get enjoyment from it, so it's always worth the time I put in, and always fulfilling regardless of the response.

PM: I know it is a tough question, but what are your favorite Twilight fanfiction stories? Also, what is you favorite scene from the books? (The bedroom scene in Eclipse is mine.)

AG003: Beauty Shining in Company of Celestial Forms by Minsinoo is at my top, without a doubt. It is a beautifully poetic fiction. It's really become canon for me. Disaffected by Smellyia is in there. Salacious Behavior and Ernest Speaking by ThisColony and Innocent, Vigilant, Ordinary by Oxymoronic8 are both fairly deeply-seated in my mind and heart. Another one of my top faves is kind of under appreciated, but All That I've Got by BlackWingedGabriel. Luniere by siDEADde, and Creature of Habit by EdwardZukoRocks of course are two of my favorites, and are written by two amazing authors and friends. All I Ever Knew and Over The Top are two of my favorite slash fics. OH! And also, can't forget Bittersweet Hurt, which I struggle with making canon like Mini’s fic. It's a great canon slash, pre-twilight. Oh, and to not include The Teenage Angst Brigade would be simply criminal. Also Scotch, Gin, and the New Girl in all it’s collab genius. There’s just so many! My favorites change depending on the mood I’m in. If you asked me the same question next week, I’d probably give slightly differing answers.

My favorite scene in the books? The forest scene in New Moon definitely; where she's stumbling and lost and running after Edward, and she’s realizing that the dark sky has no moon. A new moon. But... the leg hitch in Eclipse is a really close second. I also like their time in Volterra. Some really great angst.

PM: Which Breaking Dawn alternative do you like best? You should write one of those, you know. Write the ultimate BD.

AG003: Why, Waiting for Dawn by Alice Laughed, of course.

Canon scares me -- all the vampire logistics/powers and such are a lot to keep up with. I'm doing one that is vamp, but it's just a short, and only E/B are present which makes it easier. If I did do a BD alterna-fic, it would be dark and angsty and riddled with heart-fail and pain. I don't know if that's what people necessarily want post-Eclipse to be. I think they commonly want to see fluff and something really romantic after all the drama in the previous book, which, I do understand. Some authors can pull that tone off successfully. I just aint that gal.

PM: Dark and angsty are good, just promise me Bella and Edward are together in the end

PM: "Forever and forever and forever." Thank you so much AG003, for everything.

Isn't AngstGoddess033 great? In writing Wide Awake, she has baked a great batch of Double Fudge Rendezvous for us. (When you read the story, you will understand.) Like the people around Bella have the cookies in common, we have a bag of Twilight fan fiction in common, that help keep all of us linked in this circle we call Twilight. Here is the link to her story, - go read!

I hope you enjoyed this interview. Thank you for reading it!

Coming up next week, an interview with the up-and-coming young author bronzehairedgirl620, on the life lessons learned in the course of writing FF.

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Anonymous said...

Because of this interview I had the chance to read Wide Awake and I want to scream out a Thank-you!!!!
I swore to myself I'd never get into Twilight Fan fiction, but my curiosity over took me after reading this interview and I had to see what all the jazz was about.
Thank God!
I am so in love with this story it isn't even funny!
It was like reading a book. An uncompleted book. A book that was driving me insane, taunting me cause it there was no conclusion...yet.
Very few things can get to me so deeply and I really wanted the chance to just say Thank-you!
Wide Awake is the very best in all Fandom and Angstgoddess003 if a freaken GOD! xoxoxooxo

Lisa said...

I loved Wide Awake! I made a tribute video to it, here's holding out for a happy ending with lots of unicorns!! Ha ha!!