Tuesday, March 17, 2009

An Article About Robert Patinson's Walmart Appearence

Associated Content has an article about Rob's Walmart appearance:

March 14, at the Wal-Mart Saturday morning meeting in Bentonville, Arkansas, Robert Pattinison graced the stage wearing black jeans, a black jacket and a gray t-shirt. His dark hair was styled in his famous "Edward" cut. He seemed a little uneasy addressing the large crowd, but his good nature and famous smile cut right through the tension and warmed the entire crowd over. Even though he appeared a bit nervous, he was all smiles as he spoke about the upcoming release of the Twilight movie, and the future shooting of New Moon, Stephanie Meyer's second book in the Twilight Saga. He described New Moon as a darker movie than Twilight, and he said that he is "hoping that it will be a little scarier.

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Does anyone else find the whole Rob at Walmart thing kind of titillating? I sure do.

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