Tuesday, March 24, 2009

CBA Blog Award

Thanks so much to the Twilight blog Eyes of Amber for giving us this blog award! Eyes of Amber is one of our favorite sites. They always have fun, fresh stories and news posted, like their Twilight DVD review where pocket Edward helps open the DVD box.

As part of the award we are supposed to list 5 of our addictions & then give the award to 5 of our favorite sites. So here we go with our 5 addictions:

1. The Cullen Boys
2. Blogging (especially anything Cullen boy related)
3. The CBA forums
4. Fan Fiction
5. The Twilight Saga

Is it wrong that all our addictions are Twilight related?

Now for our five fabulous blogs:

1. Our Twilight Chronicles
2. Twilight Mania
3. Robert Pattinson Twilight Til Dawn
4. Letters to Rob/Letters to Twilight
5. Lauren's Bite

It was very hard to list just 5 so please check our Blog list on the Blog & our affiliates page at Cullenboysanonymous.com for other wonderful sites.

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Anonymous said...

we feel special and love YOU GIRLS too!