Wednesday, March 25, 2009

Blue October New Album Now Available

Blue October's new album, "Approaching Normal", is now available. This album contains the song "My Never" that Justin Furstenfeld performed at the Breaking Dawn concert series. Buy the album HERE.

In this video Justin performs "My Never" at the LA Breaking Dawn Concert & Stephenie Meyer reveals what page in Breaking Dawn goes along with "My Never". This song makes even me sympathize with Jacob & for those who know me that says a lot.

Thanks to Twilight Moms for the info.

~Kim C

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Lauren said...

this made me tear up a little bit. i actually went and looked at page 355 before i listened to the song portion. MAN! i felt bad for jacob at that party anyway. but this made it a lot worse. amazing song. when breaking dawn is a movie, this better be on the soundtrack. its too true to the story to not be.