Friday, March 27, 2009

Bobby Long On Vamp Radio Tonight!

Bobby Long was supposed to be on Vamp Radio last Monday but something unexpected came up and he wasn't able to make it so his manager, Phil Taylor, filled in for him. However, we just heard his visit is back on! Bobby will be Vamp Radio TONIGHT, Friday, March 27th at 5pm!

Here is his introduction from Vamp Radio:

Bobby Long is an old soul. When hearing his inspired blues folk tunes it's hard to tell he is just 20 years old. Bobby grew up in small rural village near to Glastonbury in the heart of England. Somewhat of a story teller, Bobby Long writes songs which breathe a labyrinth of imagery that is both fragile and heartrending, deep yet instantly accessible. His live show is entirely captivating - allowing his endearing and humble charm to sparkle with pure intimacy. It is his talent for song writing that got the track ? Let Me Sign' (co written by Marcus Foster) used as one of the featured songs in the blockbuster film ? Twilight - sung by the lead character, Robert Pattinson. Bobby Long has a number of London residency's coming up before he heads to the USA for shows in New York, LA. and Nashville. He is currently working on tracks for an acoustic album which will be available on line and at his US shows in April.

*Be sure & tune in to listen to this. You can also see CBA's Bobby Long interview HERE.

~Kim C

Thanjs to the Twilight Sisterhood.

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