Thursday, March 5, 2009

Brenna Lee Roth Cast In New Moon

EDIT: Apparently this is a false rumor!! The Twilight Lexicon, the source I used for the original post of Brenna being cast, has now posted that it's false. Also MarketSaw has now edited the interview. The part that I highlight in green down below has been edited & now all it say's in the interview is "Sorry".

The sooner Summit posts the cast list the better because all of these rumors will be put to rest.

Brenna Lee Roth, the daughter of former Van Halen lead singer David Lee Roth, has been cast in New Moon. The question we don't know is which role. Here's an excerpt from her interview with MarketSaw:

I understand that you are now able to discuss two new movies that you are attached to namely NEW MOON and HORRORWEEN. What roles have you signed on for?

BLR: Can't talk about NEW MOON. So sorry! As far as HORRORWEEN goes, I play the lead's daughter (Nancy Spielberg). It looks like a good role, and a great cast! A lot of my friends are on it, so I know we'll have a blast.

MarketSaw: There must be something you can tell us about NEW MOON that will excite the fans, yet keep you safe - and that thing would be...

BLR: Fans of the series will really love it, it's spot on to the book. Way closer to the book than I think expected. Chris was a great director he really challenged me.

If you click the MarketSaw link above be warned there is partial nudity.

~Kim C

Thanks to TW Lexicon for this info.

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