Wednesday, March 11, 2009

Buy Jackson Rathbone's Band 100Monkeys On Itunes!!

Jackson's band, 100Monkeys, announced on their Myspace blog that their improvised albom entitled "Monster De Lux" is now available for purchase on Itunes!

Dear valued monkey fans...

Your monkeys are happy to announce that the improvised album Monster De Lux is now available on iTunes music store! Featuring tracks like Robot Timberwolves, Small Lean, Drunken Waltz, and Spaceship! Click the button on our myspace page or go to iTunes music store and search for Monster De Lux. We hope you like it and thanks so much for all the support!

Later Gators,

100 Monkeys

I checked Itunes and the CD is $9.99.

This makes me so excited!

Go to their myspace page here to check out their songs, blog and pics. Don't forget to buy the album on Itunes!

-Jess H

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