Saturday, March 21, 2009

Canadians You Can Help 100 Monkeys

I found this via The Twilight Sisterhood, it was posted on the 100 Monkeys Myspace on Thursday:

Monkeys Need Canadian Help!!!

Dearest 100 Monkeys supporters... We need your help!!!

The 100 Monkeys simply cannot stand to be apart any longer...

...and seeing as J.Action is going to be in Vancouver around April.. we figured we'd get back together for two and a half weeks in Canada before touring the East Coast in May and June! (Lookout Philly, Jersey, New York, and DC!)

Problem is... 100 Monkeys have no friends in Vancouver... no connections... and limited time!

So here is our plea-
If you know any venues in Vancouver, call them and demand they book 100 Monkeys a few shows around Vancouver in April! Call every venue you know! Call from your friends' phones, your parents' phones, your siblings' phones, and even your teachers' phones!!!

...if we can't find a venue... we'll find a place to play... but we won't know where to tell you to go to watch the show... so... maybe we'll have to play in the streets... begging for monkey treats... dragging our monkey feets...

Thanks for your support!

And thanks to each and everyone of you, for existing.


100 Monkeys

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