Saturday, March 28, 2009

The CBA Weekly "Twilight" Awards

The "Oh No, My Washing Machine's Broken Let Me Borrow Your Abs!" Award goes to..... Kellan Lutz for this photo below:

What a great piece of eye candy, no??

The "PTA" Award goes to... Peter Facinelli for taking his time to visit a school in Washington and also the soldiers and their families at Fort Lewis:

Hey, Peter if you are ever in any of our areas we can let you know the names of our kids' schools. We'll even bring the punch and cookies!


The "Epic Win" Award goes to... Robert Pattinson's commentary on the "Twilight" DVD.

Who knew that he didn't like his eyebrows and bouffant hairdo so much??

I loved that you felt like you were watching the second half of the movie with Robert. All of his off kilter comments and questions about what was going on. He also kept an on going joke about his eye brows being pluck through the whole movie.

The "Epic Fail" Award goes to... both Melissa Rosenburg and Catherine Hardwicke for writing animal droppings into the script and for not including a blooper reel on the DVD.

'Kisses, Chinchilla Poo and Parasoles'

While there were some great treasures that got cut out of the movie there are some scenes that should have never seen the light of day. There are a few fine examples of this I felt the need to gripe about. Let's start with Chinchilla droppings comment from Bella in Edward's room. Really? I am having a hard time wrapping my head around the idea in general, but when placed in the context of the scene... really?

Read Here

The "I Wish That I Would Have Paid More Attention In Art Class" Award goes to... Lina Zol for these amazing sketches.

If only my art classes could have led to this!!

*Please credit Lina Zol if re posting.

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linaz said...

Cool!I get the art award? Awesome!!!LOL!!! Thanks!!!!!
I would like to thank rob, for being so incredibly beautiful, you are the best model/muse a girl can have : )LMAO!!! Seriously thanks so much!!!