Saturday, March 21, 2009

CBA's Bobby Long Interview

Cullen Boys Anonymous recently had the amazing opportunity to ask the incredibly talented Bobby Long a few written questions & here are his responses:

CBA: We want to start off by saying we love your music on your MySpace page, and especially like your songs Dead and Done & Being a Mockingbird. Your voice sounds so soulful & deep, it's hard to believe you are just 22 years old. Do you have a favorite song, one you never tire of singing?

BL: "Well to be honest it changes on a daily basis. Often I love the newer songs because they seem fresh but i guess at the moment its a song called The Bounty of Mary Jane"

CBA: Which one of your songs would you say reveals the most about you?

BL: "Well to be honest I think they all reveal small bits of my personality. It all depends on my own interpretation really of the song. Often the song which may come across as having the most personally revealing lyrics has the least personal meaning to me and its written about someone or an occurrence that I wasn't even present for. I haven't really got one that
stands out"

CBA: Are any of them autobiographical?

BL: "Well they are all written from within myself so they all are my interpretation or view but i don't think they are strictly autobiographical. However on a daily basis ill play one or here one and it will completely make sense to what I'm going through or been through. But I've just written a new one called the "Old Shamed Face" which is about where I grew up in
Wiltshire and that's probably the most autobiographical".

CBA: Do you have any songs you have written that are too personal to release?

BL: "No not yet but I'm young."

CBA: If you had the chance, what one singer/musician (dead or alive) would you want to work with?

BL: "Well I would probably have to go for John Lennon."

CBA: You grew up in a small town in the country. Did you ever dream as a kid that you would be touring in the US?

BL: "Yes absolutely, America has always been a dream and I've always wanted to go to the places and visit or play where all my heroes live. I can't quite get it into my head that I'm going to be honest."

CBA: How do you feel about your level of success today?

BL: "Well I'm pleased how things are moving but I don't feel I've achieved anything yet. I've had a bit of success on the back of a film. I wont feel happy until I play bigger gigs release some music or do an album. I want to find my own to feet within the music industry and work hard, write better song, play better gigs and do great recordings that I feel represent me

CBA: Where do you see yourself 5 years from now?

BL: "I want to have done a few albums. Been on tour so much I have no where to live and have more stories than a book".

CBA: What do you like best about your growing fame? Have you had to make any changes because of it both personally or professionally?

BL: "The thing I like about it is the opportunities to go to places like America and do music all the time. The other nice thing about it is people are listening to my music on a daily basis and it feels good. I haven't had to change anything really I don't feel any different and if it does change you at this stage then your in it for the wrong reasons".

CBA: Have you had encounters with the paparazzi or crazy fans?

BL: "No not with the paparazzi, I'm not up at that level at all. some of the girls have consistently flown in to see my gigs from Canada, America and around Europe. That's hard to get into your head and crazy".

CBA: Tell us about your upcoming US tour. Are there any cities or sites you especially want to see?

BL: "I really want to see everything to be honest. Portland stands out as a place I would like to see because I hear the music scene is really good and Elliott Smith comes from there."

CBA: When all the CBA (Cullen Boys Anonymous) girls come to see you in Phoenix, will you say hi to us?

BL: "That sound's like a secret agency for spies. But yes." (Honestly, Bobby you have no idea the lengths our Cullen boy addiction has driven us to. LOL!)

CBA: What is the latest news on the release of a Bobby Long album?

BL: I'm doing a few acoustic recordings at the moment it will be like a bootleg. As for an album I'll look at it after the tour in the summer. It just a question of finding the right producer and studios etc. I want to do it properly so it's worth spending time planning it. I'm desperate to do one but I wont be happy unless it sounds 100% right."

CBA: When you are not playing, practicing, or writing music, what do you like to do?

BL: "I like to read, going to the countryside, watch films, hanging out with friends and fishing.

CBA: Since you had a song, Let Me Sign, on the Twilight Soundtrack, are you working on anything for the New Moon one?

BL: "Me and Marcus Foster have written a few more songs which are cool so were just waiting on acting on it".

CBA: Do you have any suggestions for songs to use on the New Moon CD?

BL: "Not really I haven't read the book but I would use an Elliott Smith song".

CBA: The story for Let Me Sign is that it was written on a roof, how did you guys ever end up on a roof writing songs?

BL: "I don't know really to be honest it's just nice being out under the night sky isn't it."

CBA: Thank you for your time! We can't wait until August when we can see you in person in Phoenix.

For the latest Bobby Long news & tour dates be sure to check out his Myspace.

Thanks again to Bobby Long & his management/representation for granting us this interview.

Our friend Amanda Bell, aka the Twilight Examiner, also has a Bobby Long interview posted. Read it HERE.

~Kim C

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