Sunday, March 22, 2009

CBA's Thoughts on the Extras from the Twilight DVD

"Kisses, Chinchilla Poo and Parasols"
Written by: Melissa
CBA Forums Director

While there were some great treasures that got cut out of the movie there are some scenes that should have never seen the light of day. There are a few fine examples of this I felt the need to gripe about. Let's start with Chinchilla droppings comment from Bella in Edward's room. Really? I am having a hard time wrapping my head around the idea in general, but when placed in the context of the scene... really? Is this a new pass time that I am behind on? So let's just pass on this for now or forever. Then there was the, for lack of a better word, groping scene between James and Vikki. What I found most disturbing with that whole scene was that Laurent was just watching. CREEPY! Was he hoping for a few pointers? "So Laurent here's it what you want to do: Grab her by her hair and then lick her face. You are bound to get a reaction every time!” Then lastly, the "She's not one of us" scene, *sigh*, that scene would have been fine in the movie. Dare I say better the Eric Yorkie running around with a worm on a stick, if it wasn't for the fact that they gave Jasper a parasol! I am a Jasper lover through and through and find it upsetting. I mean think about it: Why would a former military man be using one? Never mind that fact that he is undead and will be unaffected by the rain, he felt the need to make sure those golden locks stayed in place. All and all I am very glad that these did not make it into that film, but I am left wondering why we were without a blooper real or more footage from behind the scenes that hasn't been on the internet for months. I can't help but hope I am not the only one that was left a little empty by the amount of animal droppings and the lack of Edward and Bella.

Movie Commentary: Robert Was the Star
By Crystal Johnson
CBA Web Master

I know there are a few articles out there about the movie commentary with Catherine, Kristen and Robert, but I wanted to give my take on it. First off let me say that up until last night I was sure that there was nothing left in the world that could make me love Robert Pattinson more. I was sorely mistaken. He carried the whole commentary, if it was not for him I would have turned it off after the first ten minutes.

I loved that you felt like you were watching the second half of the movie with Robert. All of his off kilter comments and questions about what was going on. He also kept an on going joke about his eye brows being pluck through the whole movie. I had to laugh every time he brought it up, because to be honest I have noticed Roberts lack of grooming when it comes to the uni-brow. There is moment when Rob decides to eat and talk at the same time. See even super stars get hungry. Not to mention I love that he is quick to make fun of himself with comments on his facial expressions and acting abilities. Point in case when he talks about the alley scene. Rob also does little impressions of the cast and Catherine he is really funny. It has been a long time since I laughed that hard.

Kristen and Catherine were good too. I love Catherine's on going banter with Rob and how she keeps reassuring both of the actors that there performances were good. Kristen was well shy Kristen not bad but not really entertaining.

So all in all if you have not watched the movie with the commentary I suggest you do so. What can it hurt you have already see the darn thing like a bazillion times anyways. Besides two hours of Robert Pattinson talking what can be wrong about that? Also Robert if you are having one of those days where you stay home and read the internet and you happen to come across this, I am looking for a drinking buddy that is funny and can carry a conversations. So if you ever stop in PHX email me. (lol I just had to throw that in there. Now on to New Moon!!)


anonkitty said...

I agree, the extra's left me a little empty. I was hoping for more. Also, wasn't here talk about Rob falling off the bed during the kissing scene blooper, and that it would be on the dvd? I have the two-disc dvd and it wasn't on there.

Cullen Boys Anonymous said...

Thanks for the comment anonkitty! I wondered about the kissing blooper as well.