Tuesday, March 17, 2009

Celebrate Saint Marcus Day March 19th

In honor of Saint Marcus Day on Thursday, March 19th the Twilight Examiner wants us to wear red & then send them our pics of it.

In Stephenie Meyer's New Moon, March 19th was a date of some significance - St. Marcus Day, the day when St. Marcus supposedly rid the Italian city of Volterra of all vampires (though secretly allowed for the Volturi vampires to hide out in the city without curiosity). The town of Volterra teemed with red as Bella and Alice raced through the streets to get to the would-be self-sacrificing Edward Cullen.

In honor of this intricate but important detail to the New Moon novel that we fans would like to see on screen, and to show your support for a faithful book-to-film translation of New Moon by Chris Weitz (one which would have Robert Pattinson amidst a sea of garnet and red celebrants of St. Marcus Day, with Kristen Stewart and Ashley Greene, as Bella Swan and Alice Cullen, fighting against this sea of red to make it to Edward before the clock strikes twelve) wear something red this Thursday, March 19th.

Email your pics to thetwilightexaminer@gmail.com.
Click HERE for more info.

Kim C

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