Monday, March 9, 2009

Edi Gathegi, Kellan Lutz And Rachelle Lefevre -- Talk 'New Moon'

FearNet sat down with Edi, Rachelle and Kellan for an exclusive interview where they discuss New Moon, the Twilight conventions and more!

Since this month sees the DVD release of Twilight, the film's vampires visited our building here in Los Angeles last week to record a special segment for E! News. And while they were here, we made sure to grab them and have our own exclusive chat. Kellan Lutz, Edi Gathegi and Rachelle Lefevre sat down with us and revealed the latest in the Twilight film universe, from gearing up for New Moon (which they'll start working on this week through the end of May) to the delights and horrors of intense Twilight cast hazing, to their off-screen rivalry with Taylor Lautner—who plays werewolf Jacob Black—and their thoughts on the director for Eclipse. Is Drew Barrymore in the franchise's future? Hit the jump for the full interview with the anti-Cullens!

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