Saturday, March 7, 2009

Edward Cullen A Dad.... Sort Of

The Wonders of Photoshop! Thanks to letstalkaboutstuff (youtube user) & the amazing Letters to Twilight. Great find girls!


Amber said...

LOL! I just watched the video on LTT, posted about it on my blog, then looked at your blog and I'd used the same blog title for my post. I suppse it's a very accurate title.

PM from CBA said...

I love it. It makes me happy to think of Edward finally having some portion of the human life he so missed.

letterstotwilight said...

i posted this on our blog and couldn't make myself watch it. i just did. i laughed So hard.

Anna (Peace. Love. Twilight! Admin) said...

Thanks for the vid!


Cullen Boys Anonymous said...

@Amber - Great minds think alike. <3

@PM - I agree.

@LTT - Thanks for sharing this great video.

@Anna - Your Welcome!

Christin said...

OMG that man would make beautiful babies!!
Too sweet!