Friday, March 27, 2009

Feeding Our Addiction: The World Of Twilight Fansites

Welcome to the first in our series of spotlights on "The World of Twilight Fansites". There are hundreds of Twilight fansites out there to feed your addiction, but some of them really dazzle us. What is is that drives someone to start a Twilight fan site and what is it that drives us to them in droves?

To get the ball rolling we are delving into the mind of the TwiCrack Addict. She burst onto the scene in December & in 3 short months has risen to be one of the top Twilight sites.

Confessions of a TwiCrack Addict:

CBA: First of all how & when did you get into the Twilight series?

TCA: I was a little late to the Twilight bandwagon, but got into the Twilight series after reading an April 2008 Time Magazine article about Stephenie Meyer. At the time, I'd never heard of Twilight and was never big into fantasy series like Harry Potter. However, after Time described Twilight as "squeaky, geeky clean on the surface, but right below it, they are absolutely, deliciously filthy", I HAD to run and get a copy. Vampires + romance? I'm in!

CBA: What is your favorite book in the series & why?

TCA: I would say Midnight Sun, but I guess that doesn't count. Twilight is my favorite -- the one that I re-vamp over and over again. Twilight to me is the most captivating of the series, because of the delicious tension and longing between Edward and Bella. It's also the most romantic of the series, and I'm a super-sucker for romance. Plus, I'm Team Edward all the way. New Moon was initially painful for me to read; I wanted to skip over all the Jacob stuff in favor of more Edward.

CBA: What made you want to start a TW website?

TCA: The truth is, I never really intended to start a Twilight website. My blog initially was a personal Twilight portal for me that housed my favorite Twilight website links. Also, it was meant to be an outlet for my Twilight obsession, especially given that most of my friends have never even heard of Edward Cullen and Bella Swan. Along the way, I started posting silly articles about Twilight that I wasn't yet seeing on other fansites during the day, including stuff such as cast gossip and spoilers that I know I'm not supposed to looking at but secretly love.

CBA: When did you start your site?

TCA: My first blog post was on December 17, 2008. Today I wrote post #760. Isn't that sick?

CBA: How did you choose the name for your website/what made you choose it?

TCA: Twilight IS crack. 'Nuff said. I'm High on Twi(light) -- a TwiCrack junkie.

CBA: Do you have a partner or any help or do you do run it all by yourself?

TCA: I run my blog by myself, without any help. My sister is more technically-savvy than me, so she recently helped me revamp my blog, but declined my invitation to be a sidekick blogger; I refer to my sister as Twi-LITE, since she read Twilight, but can't bring herself to give a rat's ass about it.

CBA: What has been your biggest challenge so far with running your site?

TCA: Being a lone blogger, I do struggle with time management. The TwiCrack keeps on coming, but I have a full-time job and dinner to make, so it's tough to keep up. I love it so I make time for it!

CBA: How many hours a day do you spend working on your site?

TCA: More than my bosses want to know. ;-) And more than my husband would like.

CBA: Are you surprised at how successful you've been?

TCA: I never imagined that anybody would read my dinky blog, so I am super-surprised that in addition to being a TwiCrack junkie, I've also become a TwiCrack dealer. There were a couple of days awhile back that my Internet was out, and I was completely shocked that people even noticed; I got a few messages from readers wondering what happened, which really touched me. I really appreciate all of the kind words and messages of support that readers have shared with me, and hope that I can keep up!

CBA: So in your profile on TW Top Sites you say that your a "married career chick", how do you balance everything? What effect, if any, has your site had on that area?

TCA: I'm not sure that I am balancing everything, and I may run out of steam! Vacuuming has definitely fallen to the wayside, and my husband, while very encouraging of my blog, is probably starting to rue all the bland George Foreman grill dinners I've been serving. My husband and I don't have kids yet, but once we do, I imagine I may have to wean myself off of the TwiCrack in favor of diaper duty. However, my husband says that we can't start trying 'til I stop being obsessed with Edward Cullen. He's joking. I think. Heh.

CBA: Did anything in your background help prepare you to run a website? For example technical ability or are you an English major? Anything like that.

TCA: Sadly, I'm technically-challenged; My web-savvy sister had to help me reorganize my free Google Blogger site, because I can barely manage changing font colors. While my technical skills are lacking, I'm a skilled oil painter with some graphic design experience under my belt, so making silly pics via Adobe Photoshop has been a fun outlet for my creative angst. Also, way back when most Twilight fans were in elementary school (Yes, I'm old enough that I could've been Robert Pattinson's babysitter. Eep.), I was the Editor in Chief of my college yearbook, which perhaps has helped me a bit in terms of editing my blog posts.

CBA: Tell me, did you make the Obamicons you have on your site?

TCA: Yes, I made those Edward & Bella Obamicons via My one rule about my TwiCrack blog is that everything has got to come back to Twilight somehow, but I have a lot of other interests that I can't help but weave into my blog posts. This year's inauguration was an historical one, and I wanted to celebrate and commemorate this significant event in a fun, Twilight-inspired way.

CBA: What has been your most exciting moment so far running your site? Something that just made you go WOW!

TCA: I'm not sure if this was the most exciting moment, but it was one that made me realize, "Wow, I'm on serious TwiCrack..." Somebody from Celebuzz, one of my sources of Twilight gossip, actually contacted ME one day looking for a very specific video of Kristen Stewart describing how it felt to be kissed by Robert Pattinson from the Twilight Japan premiere. I was totally shocked that somebody from Celebuzz was reading and complimenting my blog.

The sick thing is, I knew exactly where and how to find it for them (at the time, it was not widely posted on other big Twilight sites), and Celebuzz then had the video translated from Japanese, which is how we all now know that Kristen was actually talking about how it felt to be BITTEN by Robert, not kissed as first reported. I guess I describe it as 'sick' because it's sad that so many of my brain chunks are preoccupied by random Twilight tidbits rather than anything productive! LOL.

CBA: What do you enjoy doing beside TwiCrack?

TCA: Aside from obsessively blogging, I have a really bad travel bug and I like exploring new places. I'm always itching to go on another foreign adventure, and I love trying exotic cuisines and just absorbing what life is like in other parts of the world. I have a huge collection of travel books. Also, I like to try new recipes out on my dear husband.

CBA: And finally, keeping with CBA's theme, who is your favorite Cullen boy & why?

TCA: Edward, because he is the most swoonilicious, obsessive vampire stalker ever.

CBA would like to thank the vamptastic TwiCrack Addict for participating in our 'Feeding Our Addiction: The World of Twilight Fansites' series. We hope this gives you, the reader, some idea what goes on behind the scenes of a TW fansite. Stay tuned for our next spotlight.

~Kim C


Pillow Biter said...

What a great idea- I love reading about other Twilighters and what fuels their obsession! I've told her before, but TwiCrack absolutely fascinates me- with all of her sources and full-time job to boot, she can't be human. ;)

Ana Cristina said...

Awesome interview! TCA is my daily "dealer." Great site, adding it to my blogroll. :-)

KD said...

Thanks for doing this Kim, and you couldn't have chosen a better subject to inaugurate the series than TwiCrack. You're both the cream of the crop and I don't know what I'd do to feed my obsession without either of you! - Kathy D

Cullen Boys Anonymous said...

Thanks guys for the comments. I'm so happy to know you all are interested in this too.

@Pillow Biter I think she is at least half vamp!

@Anna thanks for the add. I love your blog.

@Kathy thanks my great HTB friend!