Sunday, March 29, 2009

Fireman Edward, Flames and Fan Fiction, or, Think Before you Send that Nasty Review.


Stephenie Meyers
and Bronzehairedgirl620, the teen author of the award winning fan fiction story, Stop, Drop, and Roll, have a couple of things in common. One, they both have a love for the world of Twilight, obviously. Secondly, they both have been hurt, to the point of wanting to never write about Edward and Bella again, by the thoughtless actions of readers.

Tomorrow, read part one of CBA's two-part interview with 17 year old bronzehairedgirl620, who's story about Fireman Edward produced flames she didn't expect... the written kind.

Here is a quick preview:
CBA: I understand you considered stopping the story because of them, didn't you?

Bronze: Briefly, yeah. I had a weak moment. I love the story to death, but when I got these comments that affected me so much. It took some time to remember why I bothered writing it in the first place.

Check here tomorrow for Part 1!

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Anonymous said...

OMYGOSH! I love Bronzehairedgirl620!! I so cannot wait until you post the interview. :)