Thursday, March 12, 2009

Help Get "New Moon" Filmed In Volterra

Twilight Italia has contacted us via email to request our help in their petition to get the filming of "New Moon" to Volterra, Italy.

We'd like to humbly ask for your support for an *important* initiative to help the City of Volterra host the filming of New Moon and to show you some great material we created.

Summit Entertainment confirmed that part of the movie filming will be done in Italy.However, the town of Volterra is seriously risking of not being consideredas the location for the filming.

This is why we wanted to show you the real Volterra.
We went there. We tracked the "real" steps of Alice, Bella and Edward inVolterra with beautiful photos and videos.

Here is one of the videos that they have made to show us Volterra:

You can go here to watch the videos.

Go here to see all that they have posted on New Moon and Volterra.

Make sure you sign the petition here to help them out! "New Moon" wouldn't be the same without the real Volterra, right?

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