Tuesday, March 10, 2009

How To Be Review From The Cinequest Film Festival!

This "How To Be" review is from the made of awesome Kathy Davis, who I met in line at the Cinequest Film Festival. This is really the best & most comprehensive review/write up of HTB I've seen anywhere & we are privileged to have it at here at CBA. Honestly Kathy, you should be working for The Movie Fanatic.

As an actor, Rob Pattinson certainly knows "How To Be" - and after viewing the movie twice at the Cinequest Film Festival in San Jose, California, I was able to see for myself just how skilled our boy is!

The gracious and talented writer/director Oliver Irving was in attendance and taking questions at both screenings; the questions and his thoughtful answers gave us a lot of insight into the movie's creation. I live just a few minutes away from the lovely California Theater where it was screened (Saturday Feb 28 & Monday March 2), so I feel particularly fortunate to have seen this treat of a movie... especially since at Saturday's screening I was in line behind someone from Arizona (hi Kim!) and in front of someone from Oregon! It was so fun waiting in line with fellow Rob addicts for a couple of hours - just about the only film at Cinequest that brought such a crowd - and well worth it. Read on while I mingle together my spoiler-laden thoughts on the movie and remembrances of the Q & A sessions, with your kind indulgence!

Read Kathy's complete review HERE. Feel free to repost this on your site just please give us credit. Thanks.

Kim C

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