Monday, March 16, 2009

How We Ended Up In The Forks WA Hospital

We had a wonderful report to deliver on our amazing time in Forks, WA today BUT on the way home, just outside of Forks, we had a horrible roll-over accident & our report is now missing & our car is totaled. We hit some black ice. For as bad of an accident as it was, no one was seriously injured & no other cars were involved thankfully. Edward where you when we needed you? Even though Edward wasn't there, some good Samaritans were. We want to send a BIG THANK YOU to all the people who stopped to help us and to the WONDERFUL Forks volunteer EMT's & hospital staff.

Kim C & Joyce (Personal Micacle)


Ambrosia Jefferson said...

Wow I am glad you are all okay. As someone who lives in an area with similar incidents all the time your lucky. Maybe you were being looked over :) just take care!

letterstorob said...

so glad you guys are okay!
*hugs for quick healing!

EDWARDismyHERION!!! said...

Ahhhhh...Im glad ya'll are ok.Becareful and Be safe!!