Friday, March 27, 2009

Jackson Rathbone And "Big Stan"

I watched "Big Stan" tonight, and I did enjoy it even though I had initially started it to see Jackson's role. This movie was released in 2007 and it stars Rob Schneider ("Big Daddy", "Deuce Bigalow", "The Animal"), David Carradine ("Kill Bill") and Jackson Rathbone among others.

This movie is very much a "Rob Schneider" movie-- it's fun comedy and along the lines of "The Animal" or "The Longest Yard". The plot involves Rob's character, Stan, being sent to prison for fraud in his real estate career. The judge gives him six months to get himself together before he goes in and so he spends his time with the Master learning defense so that he does not get "taken advantage of" in the slammer. Due to his training, he quickly earns a reputation and the respect of fellow inmates: hilarity ensues.

Jackson's character's name is Robbie. Robbie is spending his first sentence in prison for selling marijuana, "a lot of marijuana". He's not the biggest guy in the yard, and he gets picked on. Stan just happens to "save" him from the greatest bully in the place and so Robbie becomes extremely loyal. I really liked Jackson's character. Robbie is mild and a bit hesitant, but he's fun. Jackson's facial expressions are hilarious, and, no, he does not have the long hair the whole time.

If you are a fan of Rob Schneider's previous movies, you'll get a kick out of this movie. I was pleasantly surprised. I went in to the movie just waiting for Jackson to come on screen, but I ended up enjoying the film. has a bunch of DVD stills in their gallery here and I've posted some below. Enjoy, all you fellow Team Jackson members out there!

And last, but definitely not least....
A bit of a background on this scene: This is where all of the inmates are being checked in. They are all in their birthday suits so that they can undergo a full cavity search, hence the not-so-happy look on Jackson's face.

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