Monday, March 9, 2009

Jackson Rathbone & Kellan Lutz Arrive In Vancouver BC

Thanks to TwiCrack for the link to this! So generous of you.

Lainey Gossip is all over what is going on in Vancouver BC. Here's the rundown over the weekend:

Spotted: Taylor Lautner learning to motorbike. He and Kristen Stewart and Robert Pattinson arrived a few days earlier than the rest of the cast for wardrobe testing and training. Taylor was then seen with his dad shopping for groceries. Awww...

Spotted: Robert Pattinson approached by a group of giddy squealing fan girls on Robson enjoying a night on the town. They noticed he was with Taylor and squealed some more. Both obliged the gaggle with several photos. Appeared to be accompanied by a bodyguard.

Spotted: a twi-hard super loser being interrogated by police at a downtown hotel. She had a backpack full of Twilight merchandise, had been hanging out all day, weird and shifty, so much so that hotel staff called the cops on her ass believing her to be a security threat...

Spotted: Robert Pattinson alone at a local watering hole for three hours studying his script.

Spotted: Robert Pattinson walking alone along Davie Street. Dressed in black, pale and beautiful and brooding and thin.

Spotted: Kristen Stewart goes to pick up bestie Nikki Reed at the airport on Sunday. Nikki emerged with a guitar slung across her back. To note - Robert Pattinson did not have his guitar with him when he came in on Wednesday. Some desperate fan keeps emailing me asking about his guitar. Apparently this may or may not mean something...?

Spotted: Kristen Stewart and Nikki Reed go for sushi. Joined by Taylor Lautner. Then a liquor store. Kristen and Taylor wait outside while Nikki stocks up.

Spotted: Kellan Lutz and Jackson Rathbone arrive Sunday night.

Hale Hale the gangs all here. Well everyone except Mom & Dad, Peter Facinelli (Carlisle) & Elizabeth Reaser (Esme) & Ashley Greene (Alice) so keep your eyes pealed. For Peter especially. We need some Peter love.

**I swear I was not in Vancouver over the weekend with a backpack full of Twilight merchandise...I am innocent lol!

~Kim C


Jess H said...

Great post, Kim!! So much exciting news!

ummm......if you spot Jackson while you are gone, I expect pics!

Also, should he decide to confide his undying love for me to you that would also be fine. :)

Cullen Boys Anonymous said...

Done & noted! I'll take care of you Jess.

Anonymous said...

What time did Kellan and Jackson's flight arrive in Vancouver? I was in the airport last night.

Tasha said...

In partial defense of the loser twi-hard, remember how Rob took that one stalker out to dinner and she never came back? I think this twi-hard was hoping for the same treatment! lol

Hazel Designs said...

This makes me happy!

Anonymous said...

Ashley Greene is not there almost the whole gang!!

Anonymous said...

I SAW HIM!!!!!!!!!!!! yay!!!!!!
he was at his hotel and i just ran up to him and took a picture with him!!!! he put his arm around me!!!!!!!!! ahhh and he looks sooooo hot in person!!!!!!!!

Cullen Boys Anonymous said...

Oh My Jasper!! We would love to see your picture!! That is so awesome!