Friday, March 27, 2009

Justin Furstenfeld Has High Praise For Stephenie Meyer

Justin Furstenfeld, from the band Blue October, has some very high praise for Stephenie Meyer. Justin performed Blue October's song "My Never"on the Breaking Dawn tour with Stephenie & he tells the

"She called and asked my management if I would go, because some of my songs inspired her work," Furstenfeld said. "We really bonded. Now we talk about once a week, and she comes out to the shows. She is a classy, classy young lady."

Furstenfeld said they are enjoying each other's accomplishments.

"I am real proud of her, and she of me. We keep each other's spirits up." He laughed. "We are definitely homies now."

The tour, where Furstenfeld played acoustic solo versions of a few Blue October tunes, made him want to take his own writing to new heights.

"I was like a kid in the candy store, working with this talented novelist who's sold something like 30 million books. 'Oh, I am not worthy,' I'd be thinking. But I think being around her brought my own writing to another level. Now I am not just some guy in a rock band, but a guy who strives to write really nice, literary poetry."

Aww...isn't that so sweet. You can read the full interview HERE. Now Justin, if only SM could be inspired by something else really spectacular you've written to motivate her to finish you know what.

~Kim C

* photo of Justin Furstenfeld by Lauren Voneper

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