Wednesday, March 4, 2009

Keep Your Eyes Peeled For Rob's GQ Magazine Cover

Thank you to louisedt1 for this info on Rob's IMDb message board:

I was shopping yesterday and I asked a man who was restocking the magazine section when the April GQ was coming out and he said this Friday he would be stocking it. He did not work for the store but was in fact the vendor so I believe it I guess. Has anyone else heard this? He also said, "it will sell out." LOL


I need to work, but since I am curious and in a hurry to get back to work I called GQ. They said the official release sale date is March 24th, but stores get them a lot earlier and can put them out early as many do and could be as early as this Friday. I asked her "who the cover was" and she said, after a long pause..."Oh, I don't know,can't say,Oh, Oh" A lot of Oh's so it must be Rob huh?? SO Friday is a definite MAYBE depending on the store, but the 24th for sure.

The hunt is on! I know what I'll be doing Friday.

~Kim C

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Jackie said...

OMG!! I've just seen the pictures - he looks fabulous!!