Friday, March 27, 2009

Leave Robert Pattinson Alone

We have all heard the silly reports about Rob's B.O. that have been in the "news" lately. CBA has not posted one story about it because we consider it both demeaning and insulting to Robert Pattinson. Well finally some descent reporting among all the rif raf out there.

The Examiner's 'Twilight Examiner', Amanda Bell, has an article in which the title alone says it all, "Attacks on Robert Pattinson's hygiene are completely ridiculous." She goes on to say:

Recent reports by MTV, the Sun Times and others are attacking Twilight, New Moon, and Little Ashes star Robert Pattinson for his personal hygiene -- as if things couldn't get more ridiculous for the handsome thrust-into-the-spotlight beau.

I personally think that it is Rob's unbelievably honest candor that has gotten him into trouble, here. Despite what may be the truth behind these allegations, sensationalism and the media go hand in hand. While it is very endearing, in my book, to see Rob tell truths instead of giving reporters feathery side-steps when asked simple questions, it is obviously doing more harm than good with his media attention of late. In an interview on Leno, Robert Pattinson sat next to the lovely Heidi Klum, who told him that he might regret his charming sense of honesty in the long run.

Poor Rob. With the constant media frenzy surrounding him, the grace and dignity with which he addresses both the media (paparazzi aside) and his fans, the constant and ground-breaking success of his current works, and the beautiful photographs that continue to make headway across the globe of his clearly washed hair, that there would be more positive news surfacing from such sources. But alas, this is America, and we do love a scandal (for instance, see my response to attacks on Kristen Stewart). Too bad.

Read Amanda's completely breath of fresh air article HERE.

Thanks Amanda.

~Kim C

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