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A New Jackson Rathbone Interview!

Our friends at have just posted their interview with Jackson Rathbone. Thanks for letting me re-post it on CBA:

Hi Jackson, We are right now being so cliche but I just got to say, we are so excited that you are talking to us.
We are talking to Mr. Jasper Hale, for God's sake, we got to be jumping off the roof!

F: Robert Pattinson got some of his songs on the first soundtrack for the movie, is there any chance to have some of yours with your band on the second one? Do you think about that at all?
J: I've been asked that question a lot actually, and I don't really know the answer. I think all 100 Monkeys would dance a happy monkey dance if we did, but we are focusing now on recording our music and getting it out to our fans who have been so loyal and supportive of us.

F: Let's make our New Moon soundtrack right now,what songs do you choose?
J: Wolf Like Me by TV On The Radio - Perfect song about becoming a werewolf. Pure silliness to NOT use that song... and maybe, Wasteland Too by 100 Monkeys? Heheh...

F: I bet you've read the new script like some of the cast did,what can you tell us that no one knows yet? It's gonna be like a indie type of movie, (like the cast thought about the first one), or the 'Hollywood' type with massive special effects and all that?
J: I don't want to reveal much, but I must assure the fans that Melissa is an incredible screenwriter, and the movies are only going to get better.

F: Your big scene on New Moon (and one that everyone is really looking forward to), is the birthday incident. How do you intend to bring your inner Mr.Hyde to Jasper?
J: Now that, I am definitely keeping my secret....

F: While watching some videos of your band,we saw Ash (aka Ms.Jasper Hale) having lots of fun at the audience. Do you and the rest of the cast usually go out and have fun together? Any other member from the cast went to see your show?
J: All the cast who are of legal drinking age in America have come to the show, I believe. I lucked out with an amazing on-screen family.

F: Everyone went nuts when you talked about the Cullen Band, all the cast playing and singing must be awesome. Will we have the chance to see some of it while shooting New Moon maybe? or is there something on the Twilight extras?
J: Hmm... I'll tell you what... I'll try to get on filming a little bit of the next Cullen Family jam session, if it's okay with the other cast.

F: When you are doing your thing,would you say you are more like Emmett or Edward? (sorry about that one but this question everyone wanted to know lol)
J: But, I'm Jasper?? ...uhm... I guess... Carlisle.

F: Your Brazilian fans are going bananas to know when you and the cast are coming to visit us. Do you think there's a chance of this happening with the press tour for New Moon?
J: We hope so! I've been trying to convince the band to go down to Brazil as well! I've personally been wanting to take a week to explore Brazil for the longest time! Ya'll should force your local bars to get us some gigs, haha!

F: Your are into a huge phenomenon because of this amazing book series, if you could choose one book to get made into a movie, which one would it be? And you being the director, how would the cast and all that be?
J: 100 Years of Solitude by Gabriel Garcia Marquez. It would star Javier Bardem and Salma Hayek, and the Gypsy Kings would do the soundtrack with 100 Monkeys.

F: That's a classic one, a cliche even. But now it's your chance to leave a little message, for all your fans over here from Foforks and from Brazil! And boy there's a lot of us!
J: Thank all of you so much for your constant support! I couldn't be an actor without an audience, and my audience is beautiful! Thank you!

F: *Just a little ping pong: Please tell us the first thing that comes into your head.
Fans: Bands.
Food you can not live without: Meat.
Twilight or Harry Potter: Twilight!
Ashley Greene: Jackson and Jasper's Queen
Perfect place in the world: Family.
BRAZIL: Soon... very soon...

You can also read the interview directly from their site HERE, just click the English Version tab.

Thanks to Belle for letting me know.

~Kim C

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