Sunday, March 8, 2009

New Moon Fan Made Trailer

New Moon found a great article on that gives a shout out to tiffanyd666 who made this incredible New Moon trailer:

"However unable to wait for an official sneak peak at the film, Twifans all over the world have been going nuts on video site YouTube making their own fan-made trailers in the countdown to November. Some are inevitably better than others, but one that has stood out amongst fans is the one produced by tiffanyd666...

The popularity for this trailer is unprecedented, with it becoming the 93rd most favourited clip on the site and the ninth top rated clip in the Film & Animation category. And there's no questioning tiffanyd666's devotion to the Stephenie Meyer novels as her profile page is chock-a-block with Twilight fan-mania. Her favourite music is Brit rock band Muse, a credited inspiration for Meyer with their anthem "Supermassive Black Hole" a fantastic backdrop to the Cullen baseball scene and her favourite books? Take a wild guess.

What may surprise you is that this YouTube phenomenon isn't made by some Hollywood mogul with an alias, but is actually made by a 19-year-old Australian named Tiffany. And with over 10,000 subscribers and over 3,500 on her friends list, we'd hazard a guess and say people like her trailers."

Read the full article HERE. Did this trailer give you the chills? It did me. See more New Moon fan made trailers HERE at New Moon

~Kim C

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