Tuesday, March 24, 2009

"New Moon" Filming At Jacob's House

NewMoonMovie has received reports from sources that have spotted the cast filming at the set for Jacob's house.

We’ve got a couple of reports in that New Moon is now filming at the set for Jacob Black’s house . However, security is super-tight and no pictures have surfaced yet–VancouverVamp has this to share–

"I went by Jake’s house last night to see if I could get a few pics of Bella’s truck for my collection and they were full on filming there! I got to see Taylor and Kristen standing in black rain jackets being talked to a few of the set guys and the guy who plays Billy Black (Birmingham?) walking around in a white, blue and black polar fleece with his signature hat. I couldent snap any pics because the set was guarded by POLICE!!! They blocked off all of [redacted] and part of [redacted] in [redacted] for this but seeing that the set is on the corner of the cross streets I was able to slow down to look.

What scene do you think they are filming? Fixing up the motorcycles? Bella confronting Jake about his new friends?

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