Wednesday, March 25, 2009

Kellan Lutz, Ashley Greene And Rachelle Lefevre

Part of this video has been seen before but this is the full version that shows how the little girl, Charlotte, got on Kellan's lap. CBA forum member, Emmettsgal86, thinks the video needs a warning label: WARNING: WATCHING THIS VIDEO WILL MAKE VIEWER WANT TO HAVE KELLAN LUTZ' CHILDREN.

Is Kellan so adorable or what?


~Kim C


ninirific said...

darn...if i weren't so damn devoted to rob...

wait...maybe i can have both?

kellan is so adorable. and yes it made me want to have his kid. ;)

Patricia said...

my gawd, im fallin more in love with kellan by the day!

the guy is so genuinely happy, i was almost annoyed right at the beginning of getting to know him. but now, cant get enough!

Kelley said...

this is like the 12th time ive watched this video kellan is so super sweet! i hope i can meet him sometime!