Wednesday, March 25, 2009

Peter Facinelli In A Class By Himself, More From Fort Lewis WA

Salute To Your Service has a very nice article about Peter's visit to Fort Lewis Post Exchange to celebrate the Twilight DVD release. His visit was scheduled for just 2 hrs on Saturday afternoon but went on until 2am. WOW!

""I think he might be taking home the store's employee of the month award for March," said the Ft. Lewis PX's General Manager Pat McGhee. "He started meeting fans at 9:30 a.m. Saturday and didn't stop until early Sunday morning. I've never seen anything like it. Peter not only signed 'Twilight' Blu-Rays and DVDs, memorabilia and personal affects, but literally took pictures with anyone who asked."

"I have hosted over 2,000 celebrity appearances in my career with AAFES and I have met some really cool and down to earth people but Peter is in a class by himself, I do not believe in the history of celebrity appearances that ONE PERSON signed 16.5 hours NON STOP in ONE DAY! If someone claims they did well I would like for them to prove it," said McGhee."

There are so may amazing things in this article:

*Originally schedule to last just two hours Saturday afternoon, Facinelli’s visit to the PX finally wrapped up at 2 a.m. Sunday morning, some 16 and a half hours after it started.

*McGhee said Facinelli would take a fan cell phone and start talking to their friends and then when the other person figured out it was Facinelli they started screaming on the phone.

*Facinelli shook every soldier’s hand and stated thank you for what you do; soldiers would get emotional when this happened.

Read even more in the full article HERE.

Peter is definitely the Cullen Boy of the month. Thank you to all our wonderful military!

~Kim C


Hazel Designs said...

He is just awesome. Reading this made me tear up a bit!

Cullen Boys Anonymous said...

Isn't it awesome that Peter would do this for our Military families, he just seems so down to earth. It also made me think of all the sacrifices the people in the Military make while serving our country.

Thanks for your comments Hazel.