Friday, March 27, 2009

Pre-Order Your How To Be Soundtrack NOW!!

The soundtrack goes on sale April 28th and is available for pre-order now through Dreamboat Records. Robert Pattinson has 3 songs on the soundtrack. Pre-order and "have a chance to win one of 250 limited edition CD booklets personally signed by Robert Pattinson, which will be inserted into randomly selected pre-ordered CDs! These special CDs are only available direct from Dreamboat Records!" The pre-order price is a bargin at only $13.98.

There is also a special 12-page booklet featuring song lyrics, new How To Be photos and one of two randomly selected fold-out posters of Robert Pattinson and the cast accompanies the CD. Jack-pot!!

As someone who has seen the movie I can't wait for the soundtrack. Good luck to everyone trying to get an autographed one. How many will I have to buy to improve my odds? husband would love to see those charges on the account!

~Kim C


TwilightLurve said...

I was one of the lucky 250 to get a signed insert!!
Here's what it looks like:

Cullen Boys Anonymous said...

Thanks a MILLION for sharing this with us! I posted it in the news.