Wednesday, March 25, 2009

Rachelle Lefevre Looking Forward to "New Moon" And Working With Chris Weitz

ShockTilYouDrop caught up with Rachelle Lefevre to ask her about her role as Victoria in "New Moon".

"The books are all from Bella's point of view," she told me. "So there are things in New Moon that get talked about and are referred to, but don't get described. Victoria spends all of New Moon trying to get to Bella. As a result, she fights werewolves and has encounters. They've basically tried to show more for the film. We want to keep the love triangle going, but we've kept more of the dark action, vampire-y stuff to keep those fans happy."

She also mentions that she is excited to work with Chris Weitz. Read the article here

-Jess H

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