Monday, March 23, 2009

Reservations About "New Moon"

NewMoonMovie has an article from Starpulse that discusses some of their reservations and expectations when it comes to taking "New Moon" from the page to the big screen.

Jacob's Overconfidence

The one aspect of this book that made it unique and moved the overall story forward was how Bella's relationship with Jacob grew in Edward's absence. She didn't know whether or not Edward would ever return and began to believe that she should allow herself some slice of happiness through someone else. One thing I do not want to see, however, is Jacob's arrogant overconfidence. Never before "New Moon" have we seen Jacob be so forward and sure of himself. He used to be shy and quiet around Bella, just happy to be in her presence. In "New Moon," however, he became someone who wasn't afraid to say how he felt and what he wanted, even if Bella didn't necessarily want to hear it. This was not the Jacob I had gotten to know in "Twilight." As a friend, that kind of behavior can be good, even helpful, but we all know that friendship was not what Jacob was after. Let's try to tone his attitude down and just make his "sureness" amusing instead of annoying.

Read the full article at Starpulse . What parts of the book are you hoping to see in the movie? What parts do you hope that they keep out?

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