Wednesday, March 18, 2009

Robert Pattinson A "Flittering Image" In New Moon

Ashley Greene has commented on Rob's presence in New moon :

Of course they threw Rob in there! He comes in as a flittering image to tell Bella not to do anything reckless and then you have him at the very beginning at school, at the party when he’s saying goodbye to her and the flitterring images and in Italy as well, so they’ll get their fix.

She also mentioned Taylor's new smokin' hot body.

He looks fantastic…I was sitting in the make-up trailer and I looked over and he was taking his shirt off because he was doing a—they were looking for his double—and I was just like, “You’ve got to be joking. You’ve got to be joking.” The girls are going to be very satisfied, I can tell you. It looks like [The] 300!

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