Sunday, March 8, 2009

Robert Pattinson & Taylor Lautner Spotted In Vancouver

This pic is from the TW Lexicon. One of their members, who lives in Vancouver, was out last night & bumped into Rob & Taylor. They took this picture. So this corresponds with our anonymous tip (below) saying that Rob & Taylor are in Vancouver.

**With a picture to prove it. I am editing our anonymous comment as true.

A couple days ago we reported on a gossip site tid-bit that said Robert Pattinson was in Vancouver already. With gossip sites it's best to have the "reader beware it could false" mentality. Then yesterday, I received an annonymous comment on the blog about that story. The commenter states that they saw Rob & Taylor in Vancouver on March 7th:

"Yes!!!! I am confirming that Robert Pattinson is in Vancouver. At approximately 7:30 pm March 7, I spotted Robert and Taylor Lautner walking on Robson street at Howe. My nieces spotted them first and I asked them if they were the boys from "Twilight" and they confirmed. Taylor was extremely friendly and shook my nieces hand. Taylor said they were here from LA to shoot new moon. They were accompanied by a heavier set young man. They were calmly walking the streets of Vancouver and were not noticed by many people. Robert wore a hat and Taylor with no disguise. So yes, Robert is definitely in Vancouver."

Go HERE to read our original report from Friday & see the anonymous comment. Instead of leaving anonymous tid-bits like this, that get me all jumpy, feel free to email me at Thanks.

~Kim C


Anonymous said...

glad they're safe and sound in vancouver!

Montse said...

OMG!!! i will be in downtown .. all day! hahahahah

Anonymous said...

omg! i wish i were there too! i'd freakin glomp taylor..he's so cute/hot.

Anonymous said...

They would be here in oregon.... but NO they just had to film new moon in Canada!!! that makes me so sad. i really wanted to meet taylor lautner!

Anonymous said...

I didn't know they were here! I am about 5 minutes from where they saw them. It looks like I'll be 'randomly' wandering around from here on out! Hahaha.