Friday, March 27, 2009

Robert Pattinson's New Competition?

Articles about 'Rob needs to watch out because there is new competition' always crack me up. As if anyone can compete with Rob...PUH-LEASE...I think not. Sure there are some pretty boys out there but Rob has something magical about him. I saw two articles just today, "Robert Pattinson's Got Some Competition" and "Watch Out Robert Pattinson, There's A New Hot Vampire In Town!" and I know there were even more.

The latest name being thrown about as Rob's rival is Ian Somerhalder. He played Boone on the first season of "Lost" but now he's joining the CW's Vampire Diaries as Damon. The show is about a woman who falls in love with two vampire brothers, one is good and one is evil (Somerhalder).

~Kim C

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