Wednesday, March 11, 2009

Soooo, Who is Juan Antonio Bayona?

Juan Antonia Bayona won or was nominated for 11 film awards in 2008, all for the movie El Orfanato, including the International Fantasy Film Award and the Best New Director at the Goya Awards.

Quoting Rotten Tomatoes concerning this film, they commented,

"Made by an entire crew of newcomers--director Juan Antonio Bayona, screenwriter Sergio G. Sanchez, director of photography Oscar Faura, composer Fernando Velazquez--THE ORPHANAGE is an extremely accomplished work. "They give it an 86% rating saying: "When it seems like every horror movie nowadays is a remake or a grisly exercise in sadism, The Orphanage is a breath of fresh air for critics and audiences alike, seamlessly blending in a poignant tale of loss with the scares and blood. "

This movie grossed just under $7 million.

Here is a trailer from the film to see what our boy has done.

All of Bayona's films to date are in Spanish.

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