Tuesday, March 17, 2009

Stephenie Meyer Update

Stephenie has posted a new update on her official website about an event, called Project Book Babe, she will be participating in to help a friend & mentor who has breast cancer:

Hey guys! This is just a heads up about an event I'm involved with here in Phoenix. The plan was for me to go entirely hermit this year (or decade), but there are always those things important enough to pull me out of my burrow. One of my dear friends and mentors, Faith Hochhalter - a truly gifted book buyer who put together some of my most successful events - was recently diagnosed with breast cancer. I am not the only author who was helped along by her talent and enthusiasm, and all of us who have enjoyed her influence in our lives and careers are eager to help her through this rough time. To assist with her medical bills, several young adult writers are joining together for a fund-raising event: Project Save the Book Babe. The event will be on April 4th in Tempe, AZ; it will include live music, a panel discussion with the attending authors, and an auction of some fun and/or rare items from each author. All the information about the event and the authors attending can be found at ProjectBookBabe.com. Personally, I'll be auctioning some ARCs (Advanced Reader Copies) of my books, an early marked up manuscript or two, my dress from the Eclipse prom, and the fluffy original epilogue to Forever Dawn, along with signed books, of course. We're still in the process of putting this together, so more info will be forthcoming over the next week. Tickets will go on sale tomorrow (Tuesday the 17th) so if you're interested in attending and helping us save our Book Babe Faith, hurry over to the site and check it out.

Thank you!


Thanks to CBA blog reader Vicki for the info.

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LizzieMademe said...

My friend just called me from AZ. Her son bought me a ticket to this.
Guess I'm flying to Arizona. I am soooo excited.