Saturday, March 28, 2009

This Robert Pattinson Sketch Is Amazing!

The incredibly talented & skilled freelance artist, Lina Zol, has sketched another beautiful drawing of Rob. Just look at this. Breathtaking! It's an 8 x 10 pencil drawing on charcoal paper and was inspired by Rob's recent GQ outtakes. She was asked to contribute a drawing to the Summer School in Forks art auction and may use this one:

Here is one of her drawings we posted a couple of weeks ago:

What a gift to make such life like drawings. Not only does Lina capture Rob's features, she captures his spirit as well. You can contact Lina by email at

Thanks for allowing CBA to post your drawings Lina! Please credit Lina if re posting.

~Kim C


linaz said...

Thanks so much Kim!!! What you said about me capturing not only Rob's features, but his spirit, that was the best compliment you could have given me!!!!!

Thanks again,

Lina : )

love said...

amazing!!! damn he is toooooooo hot even in sketches!!!