Thursday, March 12, 2009

Timeline Of Volterra in New Moon

Twilight Italia included this really great timeline with their email to CBA. This is a timeline of Volterra throughout the events of "New Moon". You can click on the picture above for a slightly larger version.

Twilight Italia has also posted some wonderful quotes that Stephenie Meyer said about Volterra, Italy (translated through Google):

"Volterra .. the square with clock tower of which I wrote about in the book,I had materialized on the screen ... If you think I still have the chills .. "
Stephenie Meyer. 19/05/2007

"I immediately went onto the website of that town, and got a shock. In fact, the square with the clock tower, which I described in my book, materialized itself on my screen! It was Piazza dei Priori! If I think about it, it gives me the chills...Thus I chose the title for that chapter was "Volterra" and I decided to launch the book in that town. In actual fact, to tell the truth, I was curious to see were the Voltura live, and so I decided to come here. What a marvelous place! "
Stephenie Meyer. 05/19/2007

Please go HERE to sign the petition to help get Summit to film in Volterra.

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PixiBox said...

Cool insight... It would be so awsome if they where to film it on location in Volterra...