Tuesday, March 24, 2009

Twilight Stars And The 'Unavoidable' Paparazzi

MTV's Larry Carroll brings us another fine article on the cast of Twilight. This one is about the cast & the stalkarazzi, I mean paparazzi:

"A year ago, they were young actors with few credits, traveling to Portland to shoot a low-budget vampire film with an indie director. This week, they're returning to Vancouver as A-listers, filming one of the most eagerly anticipated sequels of the year.

Hollywood has finally taken notice of the stars of "Twilight" - and so have the dreaded paparazzi"

Kellan Lutz, the big trickster that he is, admits to playing pranks on the paparazzi: "It's funny. Edi and myself - because they have been up there and they have really been [following] us - we've been messing with them," Kellan Lutz said of recent pictures that include him taking photos of the photographers. "It's great; we have been doing some pranks on them. I can't really share any, but a lot of the pictures are planned."

Read more HERE, including Ashley Greene, Rachelle Lafevre, & Edi Gathegi comments on the paparazzi. Edi thinks there is a mole in the Twilight stars midst. Could there be?

~Kim C

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