Friday, March 13, 2009

Two CBA Staff Members Rumored to have left for Vancouver!!

Hey Addicts,

I am missing two CBA staff members!! A message was left on my voicemail today that our News Director Kim and Fan Fiction Specialist Joyce have left for Vancouver. Do you know what is in Vancouver?? That is right CULLEN BOYS (minus Jackson lol).

I need your help in the upcoming week. As many of you know I HATE doing the news (more like I suck at it) and I am going to need all the heads up I can get so email me with anything you come across.

Stay tuned I have a feeling some New Moon cast pictures are on their way.

Your Fellow Cullen Boys Addict,

Web Master

P.S. Do you think this has any thing to do with the fact that today is Kim's Birthday?? What a B-day present.

You can send your Birthday wishes to Kim at


skyla11377 said...

Happy Birthday Kim C. I also posted it on your Facebook page....^_^

Anonymous said...

I thought i just read that the cast is all gone for a few weeks or something. Some went out for dinner last night, sans Robert. A few were at the airport and Rob has vanished. Hope I am wrong or the info is.

Anonymous said...

Kim, Happy Birthday!! It's my birthday, too! Rob's GQ interview and pics was a great b'day present, don't you think? Totally envy you getting to go to Vancouver...have enough fun for the both of us!!!

Rob vanished because he went to the Walmart headquarters in Arkansas. There are pics of him there on another website. I'm sure he will be coming back soon.