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Vampires Invade School? Not So Fast

Yesterday I saw the story that is going around about Vampires coming to life & invading Boston Latin School. The article I read was on but there are also articles on 4tnz and the Boston Globe to name a few. Boston Latin is an almost 400-year-old college-prep public school. It's older than Harvard and they have some very prestigious alumni including Benjamin Franklin, Samuel Adams, John Hancock and Sumner Redstone. I was going to post about it until I read the reader comments. Several were from reported actual students at Boston Latin. Here are what some of the students Posted on

NOVAMPIRES posted on 03.26.09 at 02:06pm

I'm a senior at BLS. How do you know that? You'll just have to believe me. No one at BLS thought there were actually vampires- here's what happened: yesterday, wild rumors started spreading that a group of 9th grade girls THOUGHT that they were vampires. The gossip got completely out of control, but at no time did any BLS student think that vampires exist and are at BLS. Everyone just thought that some crazy delusional 14 year olds make a good topic of conversation. AND the cops were there on completely unrelated business. How about you check your facts, MTV, before you go posting stories that affect the reputation of my school?

swedishfishXO posted on 03.26.09 at 02:10pm

okay, so this is my high school and this article just makes us seem rediculous!! Of course we don't think there are are actual "vampires" in our school. However, there are a band of emo, freshman girls that believe they are vampires. They have been known to come into school late because the can't stand the morning light, and do cut themselves (in school none the less), and do drink each others blood after they cut themselves. Likewise, it has been spread that they actually do bite eachothers necks. But honestly, so many rumors have been spreading that no one can know what is true and what is not. and many people have been saying that they have stated that they actually hate twilight because it portrays vampires in a negative fashion.. but who knows.. this could very likely also be a rumor. I just know that everyone, all 2400 of us BLS students have been talking about the vampires, and even though it is hilarious, and many people wore capes and dracula masks to school today, it gets pretty scaring when people are saying that the "leader" of this group threatened to shoot up the school.

BLSstudent posted on 03.26.09 at 02:26pm

Hi, I'm a sophomore at BLS. Yes, there were a group of like, 3 girls who thought they were vampires and there were some VERY sensationalistic rumours about them (like the one that swedishfishXO posted) but BLS students DO NOT BELIEVE IN VAMPIRES. This whole thing is just some silly rumours that somehow reached a reporter, who decided to write an article about it without checking the facts. Please stop tainting the reputation of our prestigious school by writing sensationalistic articles without checking the facts.

BLSJunior posted on 03.26.09 at 03:08pm

Our school and Boston is general is not a freak show like the media is portraying us to be. The only reason why this is being blown proportionally out of hand is because everyone is wild about Twilight and hearing about "vampires" and "high school" just sets everyone's imagination off. As some fellow school mates have said before, this is just based off of rumors set off by a group of attention-hungry freshmen girls who thought that pretending they are vampires would get them all the attention they want and now the media is just giving them exactly which will fuel them to keep going on with their scandal. No one in the school actually believes that there are really vampires, it was just thought of as a funny inside joke for the school until it was exposed to the public and now being made into a big deal. We would all appreciate for those non-local readers to stop thinking that Boston is full of weird, crazy, physcho people. If anyone is to blame for this, it would only be the group of freshmen girls who are not only ruining the reputation of their class (2012, which already has a bad reputation), our prestigious school, and now even our entire city.

PshMorons posted on 03.26.09 at 07:00pm

OMFGH. First of all, Twilight played no role whatsoever in this entire 'vampire-invasion.' The girl this supposed 'vampire' is, is simply pretty obsessed with vampire-related stuff(I know because I've been in her classes for 3 years, and yes she's weird but she's not that deranged.) Her and her friends NEVER bit one another, they pretended to(no blood involved), and the students began the rumors. She claimed to be a vampire jokingly, but later on wednesday she said HERSELF that it's just a joke amongst friends and she never meant it seriously. Like MK09 said, no one actually believed the rumors, we only worried about the mentality of the girl at first, then it just turned into some mutilated rumor that got changed every time it passed ears. Sheesh. Stop ruining our school's reputation. And NO the police were not freakin there to stop us from being attacked by effing vampires, they were not even there because there was blood drawn from biting...

I believe as evidenced from these comments that the rumor mill is once again rearing it's ugly head & things are being blown out of proportion for the sake of sensationalizing the story. As a mom myself I just wanted to say something in defense of the school & students at Boston Latin. They seem like good kids and are not enjoying this media attention being drawn to their school in this way.

Is this like that episode of South Park or what? LOL!

Thanks Jess for the Comedy Central link.

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