Monday, March 23, 2009

Was Robert Pattinson Backstage At Sam Bradely's Vancouver Concert?

According to a source at Celebuzz Rob WAS at Sam Bradley's Vancouver concert Friday night. Their source states Rob stayed out of site backstage to keep the Twilight-mania from overwhelming the 180 seat venue:

"He wanted to be as low-key as possible," the source tells Celebuzz. "If he had really been out there, it would have caused a frenzy."

"He stayed with Sam backstage before the show and watched the concert from the wings."

Here is a video from Friday nights concert!! Sam sings his version of "Never Think" from the Twilight soundtrack called "Too Far Gone." He jokes that it's from the movie "Underworld" & "Bram Stokers"

There is definitely some feedback on this video. Thanks to bellsfromep for the youtube via Pattinson Online.

~Kim C


PM from CBA said...

OK, this is all just making me sicker and sicker that we were RIGHT there and did not see him.

canadagirl said...

well, if you were honestly there to see sam bradley, then you shouldn't be disappointed because he was amazing. if you were only there to catch a glimpse of rob, then i guess the joke was on you.