Monday, March 30, 2009

What Can Robert Pattinson Do To Prepare For All The Attention And Scrutiny?

The Examiner's, Twilight Examiner, Amanda Bell has not just one but two excellent articles on how Rob can better prepare for all the scrutiny he's been getting & will continue to get.

The first one, "Someone get Twilight star Robert Pattinson a publicist, fans say" looks at fans reactions to the recent attacks on Rob's hygiene and asks the question does Rob need a Publisist?

"With headlines about Rob's alleged body odor (debunked in his interview yesterday) stretching from the Chicago Sun Times to MTV, it is clear, fans say, that Rob is not being properly represented in the media world. While Pattinson's fans the globe over don't buy into the sensational storylines, the coverage continues nonetheless.

Says the Twilight Sisterhood, "I'm so tired of hearing all of this B.S. about Rob. Where the hell is his "representation"? Obviously, manager Nick Frenkel and agent, Stephanie Ritz can't seem to take care of his P.R. needs themselves. So...maybe they ought to see to it that he finds a good Publicist and make it snappy!" Many fans agree."

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*Personally I think a publicist would be helpful as long as Rob's genuineness & quirkiness that we love about him aren't squashed and that is exactly what Amanda looks at in her second article, "How New Moon's Robert Pattinson can prepare for the spotlight and scrutiny."

Amanda examines how a publicist could benefit Rob without stripping him of all his personality fan's love. She speaks with Alyce Hartman who is an entertainment publicist in the music, film, and television world, who also represents one of Rob's long-time friends, Bobby Long, amongst others.

"...Hartman said that “it’s important for talent to be genuine. It beats artificial and contrived any day, but being transparent with the press is risky.” In Robert Pattinson’s case, nearly any joke or quip he makes is perceived to be high-scandal and becomes twisted into a warped concoction to make tongues wag. This runs the risk, say his fans, of distorting Rob’s true nature. Evidently, though delightful, Rob’s transparency is quite risky, indeed.

Continues Hartman, “So, it doesn’t hurt to be somewhat guarded.” In order to handle the kind of negative and lascivious attention that stars like Robert Pattinson are receiving these days, says Hartman, “the best defense is to use foresight..."

Hartman states that the rumors that are already in play with Rob should be ignored. “I’m not a big believer in refuting rumors,” says she, “What’s the point?” It certainly wouldn’t stop them, as we have seen. Quite candidly, Rob reached out, potentially in response to the ensuing rumors, to Moviefone, effectively ending the issues associated with his smell. Yet, once again, Sunday’s top Robert Pattinson news stories were not exempt from including such atrocities.

...were Rob equipped properly with a publicist, he might be making his media-relations choices a little differently. No, not losing his identity and candor with the press, but instead demanding a more respectful line of questioning."

Read more HERE. Thanks for the informative & substantive articles Amanda.


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