Saturday, March 28, 2009

What Happened in the World of Twilight This Week

These are just some of the stories that captivated us this week:

100 monkeys: Yay for record deals and a dancing banana.

Twicrack: A chat with one of our fellow fan site pals

Little Ashes: One step closer to seeing Rob's "Full Moon" (Not to be confused with "New Moon".)

New Moon: Super model joins the cast... Shocker!

TIME: Time thinks that SM might be influential... You think?

DVD SALES: 3 million very happy fans, 1 million unhappy hubbies... (mine included)

FF INTRVIEW: Angstgoddess003 and her baked goods

ROB AWARDS: Best Dressed Man Of The Year Go vote for him!!

WOLF PACK: One word Yum!!! (Does anyone else have the song "Hungry Like the Wolf" stuck in there head?)

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