Sunday, March 22, 2009

What Is So Appealing About Edward Cullen?

Jennifer Wood at Associated Content dissects the "allure" of Edward Cullen. All I can say is this article is a must read:

During his Twilight press tour last fall, star Robert Pattinson asked fans what it was about his character, Edward Cullen, that they were so attracted to. What was it about this particular literary vampire that made him, as fans told him repeatedly, "so sexy"?

Many a man has asked that same question. There is a new subculture of men—the Twilight Widowers—whose wives or girlfriends have been stolen away by one supernaturally sexy fictional vampire. But what is it about Edward Cullen and his family of "vegetarian
vampires" that women find so appealing? What power or spell does Edward cast?

There are three key elements to Edward's attraction. First, he is a vampire. Second, he is Edward Cullen. And third, he is Robert Pattinson.

This is a sample of what she has to say about Rob:

From the ends of his inexplicably famous hair to the tips of his graceful, piano-playing, guitar strumming fingers; from the soft whisper of his Edward voice to the deep, gravelly, bluesy growl of his singing voice; from his adorably geeky performance in The Bad Mother's Handbook to his Hogwarts champion in Harry Potter and the Goblet of Fire, there is just something so real, so normal about Robert Pattinson the man that makes him lovable and downright sexy. His interviews range from the dirty ("It's sex where you end up killing the other person. It's the best type of sex") to the silly ("I cut my toenails, and bought some new underpants"). He is a dirty, dirty boy, with his unwashed hair and overgrown eyebrows as well as the wicked twinkle in his eyes and that British accent that can stop your heart. He's so incredibly self-deprecating that he makes you want to give him a hug and take him home with you. He may be the dream of many a teenage girl, but he's admitted a love for older women that has all the cougars panting as well. There is little he holds back, yet he leaves you feeling like you've barely scratched his surface.

Here's a snippet of what she says about Edward:

Edward Cullen is 108 years old. He has read every book, seen every movie, studied every language. He is a gifted musician and composer. He is wealthy, and beautiful, and powerfully strong. He is seductive, mysterious, and dark. Edward Cullen will never be out of shape, or messy, or old. He will not leave his underwear on the bathroom floor or leave the seat up. He will never stray from Bella, because she is his one and only love, his eternity, and he will love her with as much passion and constancy a hundred years from now as he does today. He may become overprotective at times, even severely so, but it is his love and fear of losing her that drives him. His entire existence revolves around her happiness, her safety, her needs and desires. Even when her desires and passions drive him to dangerous limits, he channels his inner demons (destroying pillows or headboards, for example) in order to satisfy her needs.

Read the full article HERE & be prepared to have what I call a glory, hallelujah, amen moment. This article explains our obsession to a tee.

~Kim C


Lauren said...

AMEN SISTER! this is so on point i can hardly believe it. she has just explained everything i love about both edward AND robert. its nice to see it in print for the first time...haha

brightredink said...

Thanks for posting my article!