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Balance is Good! An Interview with Twilight Fan Fiction Author Jayeliwood and Her Husband... Mr. Jayeliwood Part 1 of 2

Jayeliwood is the author of many beloved Twilight fan fiction stories, including Blind and Computer Repair. Her Twilight and Dr. Who stories total 49. She is also one of the people behind the amazing, M rated "Sexy Edward" and the "Steamy Movie Crossover" Contests. She recently took a temporary leave of absence from Twilight fan fiction for the birth of her new baby. How does she do it all? Does she do it all?!!! And what does her husband think of the whole thing?

Here is part 1 of our 2 part interview. Check out the video of the new baby in a Forks Onsie. Can she be any cuter?!!

Part 1 of 2

PM: For many of us older Twighters, striking that balance between our Twilight-addicted life and our "regular/former" life has proven to be a challenge. You, Jay, seem to be able to do it all—being a new mom, wife, and top-rated Twilight Fan Fiction author. Or at least that is how it looks from the outside!

Jay: lol I wouldn't say that so much. I do alright. Trust me, I wish I could do more, but who doesn't?

PM: Can you tell us a bit about your love for all things Twilight? How did it all start for you and when did it take up residence in your head? Did you especially relate to any particular character?

Jay: Truth be told it wasn't really twilight it's self that I fell for. It was the character's personality types and how the meshed. I saw the potential for each in my head. How they could combine and change. I've always done that, since I was very young. I always changed stories in my head.

I think the character I honestly relate to the most I would have to say is Jasper. Though I act social in every setting, I'm a bit of a loner. My scars are in the inside, not the outside though.. I think everyone can relate to that. Also, the Texas thing gets me. I'm from the Ark-La-Tex, mainly the LA part. I literally live 15 minutes from the Texas border. I'm a HUGE fan of the state. That sounds odd, but true. I actually went there last weekend and will have a story that is based in Texas coming out when I come off of hiatus.

PM: You have written many FF stories. How did that start? My favorite of yours has to be Blind. It is on my Top Ten. Which of your stories is your favorite? Where do your ideas come from? Anything autobiographical?

Jay: It actually didn't start with Twilight Fan fiction. My Dr. Who stuff was first. lol They're crap honestly. I've only kept a couple of them up because they amused me.

Favorite of my own? Gah, I don't know. That's an interesting question. I would have to say Unplanned. It's probably the dirtiest thing I've ever written and I've never enjoyed writing anything that much, up until that point. (I have some stuff that hasn't come out yet that I really really enjoyed as well. It's not even for my own story either lol)

There are a few things in my stories that are based off of things that happened to me. A lot actually. I think the biggest thing has to be the way that Bella gave birth in Too Late. The abrupt placenta and all that. That's what happened with my first daughter, Katherine. I had an emergency c section. I almost died, honestly. Very scary. By the way, I wrote that before SM did in breaking dawn. lol Just saying... maybe we should check if she reads FF.

PM: You have a new baby and many of us have followed your pregnancy in your Author's Notes . Actually, you are on "FF maternity leave" right now. I am surprised she wasn't name Esme or something! Tell us a bit about your family. How is all of it going? You have baby/family pics for us right? Any baby/big sister stories to tell? Have you written any stories either of your kids?

Jay: lol No, she's not named Esme, as pretty as it is. Actually, all my cats are named after the Cullens. We have Jasper, Carlisle, Alice, Emmett and Rosie (Rosie is a boy but we thought he was a girl for a long time so the name stuck. So, we tell people it's Roosevelt. Stupid, I know) But the new baby name is Vivian Rose, but not because of the character. Rose simply goes with our last name well. Wood is a difficult name to work with, surprisingly. We considered for a long time if we had a boy that we'd name him William until my mother screamed out 'WE CAN CALL HIM WILLY!" I almost died. Our boy's name changed to Lucas Oliver after that. (We were gonna call him Low or Luke) But, Alas, we are blessed with two girls.

Actually, Vivi is an angel. She's eating well, sleeping fantastically (only getting up once during the night) and is not a fusser. She is however more stubborn than her big sister. She's already picking up her head, rolling over, and when on her stomach, lifting almost her entire upper body up. She's a month old. That shouldn't happen. Her big sister, Katherine, is a lazy sucker who didn't crawl until she was like seven months old and didn't actually hold her own bottle until she was a year. Vivi has already held hers a little bit. Though, she's still flailing a bit too much for it to be completely successful.

Of course I have baby pictures! lol Too many. I'm actually getting her first professionals done this Friday. Wish me luck. Infants, toddlers, and cameras don't go well together.

Have I written any stories based on the kids or for the kids? Well, I'm sure some of the things I've thrown into my stories was inspired by them somehow. I don't exactly write kid filled stuff. But, I have written a story that I have read them. The dark prince and the three kisses. It was my first attempt at a fairy tale. I may try again soon to write another. I've improved a lot since I wrote that.

PM: Here is the big question, how do you manage writing and kids and husbands? Have you had to make any compromises? Have you found that balance? Any advise for the rest of us on doing so? What is your typical day like? If you have more time for Twilight-related stuff, what would you dream of doing?

Jay: Mr. Jay, aka Alex, will tell you that I have always had hobbies. Almost to the extreme. Cooking, Scrap booking, knitting, painting, drawing, and finally writing. I have to have things to keep my hands busy or I get into trouble. Literally, trouble. lol Not arrested trouble, but I'm going to end up divorced because I annoyed my husband too much kind of trouble. One of the phrases I'm rather famous for with my husband is 'I'm bored, entertain me." He is very glad that I have FF now and do that FAR less often.

I'm lucky that my kids are fairly well behaved. It also helps that I'm an extreme insomniac that requires heavy medication to sleep. I get a lot of writing done at night. Especially now since the baby is here.( Yes, still writing, just not posting) I don't want to miss her if she wakes up. I will sleep through anything if medicated.

A typical day for me is waking up with Katherine at 7:30. The lazy little monkey likes to watch TV until around 10:30 and then play. Lunch and then more playing. Mix baby in there. Alex works three twelve hour shifts so if he's working when he gets home at 9 we get the girls to bed and then we relax together until 11, which is when he goes to bed. After that point I write a lot, chat with my wonderful friends, or read before making sure Vivi is fed and back asleep around 2 or 3. I try to go to bed after that. Mix in a lot of baby stuff and writing in that day. On the days Alex is off we do a lot of running around. Getting stuff done. If I'm out and I want to write, I always carry around a yellow notebook.

Actually, my biggest advice is bring a notebook! Most people don't realize how much waiting around you do in life. Don't waste that time staring of into space. Use it to write. Trust me, it's better for your imagination and your mental health. Boredom is a killer.

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